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With Principal Office in The Woodlands and another in Tomball, Bolton Law is conveniently located to meet your legal needs.

Ruby Bolton is a certified family law specialist. and is licensed in all practice areas by the State and Federal Government.

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Division of Assets

   You do have options

The division of assets is not a straightforward area of divorce proceedings, especially if the assets include shared business ownership or business interests. Before any personal property, financial assets, investments or businesses can be divided, their value must be determined. Bolton Law helps her clients in business valuation, the valuation of personal property and the division of those assets in divorce proceedings. As a small business owner, mother and longstanding family law attorney, Ruby Bolton brings an unmatched level of experience to these complicated legal matters.

Ideally, all property and financial assets could easily be split 50/50. In reality, however, certain assets in a divorce could best be used by one party or the other. Deciding which assets go to which individual, and how community property, debts and other long-term obligations will be managed can be very difficult. In addition, in many cases, a 50/50 division is not the most equitable solution. There is no law requiring that marital property be evenly divided, only that it be split in a "fair and equitable manner."

If you own a business, you may hold its value at a certain level, but that value may be associated with your name or ownership. Part of business valuation involves consideration for what other individuals or business owners can draw in financially in the industry, not just what level of revenue your business has achieved. These are complicated issues and require an attorney who truly understands this area of law. Bolton Law has the experience you need to achieve favorable results efficiently with consideration for what is reasonable, fair and within reach.