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Montgomery County Adoption Lawyer

There are few family law cases more enjoyable to handle than those involving adoption, and a Montgomery County adoption lawyer is here to help you through every step of the process ahead. Adoption is a wonderful experience for all parties involved. It is a legal acknowledgment of the parent-child relationship and the bond that it encompasses, and typically is a turning point in the life of a child. Step-parent adoptions are the most common adoptions that we deal with here at the Bolton Law Firm. These adoptions usually entail a simple process with immediate benefits. If you are a step-parent looking to adopt, or you are interested in any other type of adoption, contact the Bolton Law Firm, PC today so we can get started.

Montgomery County Adoption Lawyer

Adoption proceedings are the happiest times in a courtroom–for the children, their adoptive parents, and also for the judge and others present. It is not uncommon for the judge to give small gifts to the children and take pictures of the occasion. For this reason among others, our Montgomery County family lawyer is elated to help guide you through every phase of the process going reward. All you have to do is tell us your story, and we will be more than happy to work with you.

Types of Adoption in Texas

There are various types of adoption available in Texas. As previously mentioned, we primarily handle step-parent adoption, however, we also handle the following types of adoption:

  • Private Adoption: This type of adoption is generally restricted to adopting newborn children.
  • International Adoption: This is when parents adopt a child who was born in, and living in, another country. Though this process is often more complicated than private or step-parent adoption, it is every bit as rewarding.
  • Adoption through Child Protective Services: Parents in Texas often adopt children through Child Protective Services. These children are of all ages and backgrounds, though they typically have one thing in common: they were removed from their homes because of unsafe living conditions, abuse, or otherwise. If you would like to give a child a second chance and provide them with the love and safety they need, you should consider this option.

No matter the type of adoption you are considering, you can depend on a Montgomery County adoption lawyer here at the Bolton Law Firm to help ensure the process moves along as smoothly as possible so you can focus on what matters most–caring for, raising, and loving your child.

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The Bolton Law Firm proudly assists all those who are seeking to adopt children in Montgomery and throughout Texas, and if you are ready to get started, so are we. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with our firm.

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