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Montgomery County Child Support Lawyer

Child support is among the most critical divorce-related issues, and if you and your child require these payments after a divorce, it is imperative that you hire a knowledgeable Montgomery County child support lawyer. Contact the Bolton Law Firm, PC today.

Do I Need a Montgomery County Child Support Lawyer?

If you are a financially dependent parent in Texas and you are currently getting divorced, there is a very good chance you are worried about whether you can afford to raise your child on your own. Fortunately, with the help of an experienced family law attorney, you drastically increase your chances of receiving the support you need. Our firm is here to assist you.

Child Support Guidelines in Texas

Texas has established guidelines for how much child support should be. In Texas, except in rare cases, only the income of the person paying child support is considered. For most people earning under $150,000, the payor will be ordered to pay roughly the following percentages of their after-tax income

  • 1 child: 20%
  • 2 children: 25%
  • 3 children: 30%
  • 4 children: 35%
  • 5 or more children: 40%

The person paying child support is also usually ordered to pay for the children to have medical and dental insurance, and that cost is deducted from their income before child support is calculated. If the person paying child support has children with someone else, the percent of income ordered will be lowered. The Texas Attorney General has a calculator taking into account these factors that can give you a closer idea of what guideline child support will look like here.

Once someone earns $9,200 in after-tax income per month (roughly $150,000 per year) the percentages are no longer automatically applied, and the court is instead instructed to look at the actual needs of the child. In most cases, the courts tend to follow these guidelines closely, and they are reluctant to order child support based on more than $9,200 per month. An experienced Montgomery County child support lawyer can help you decide if your case is one where the court is likely to award child support based on more than $9,200 per month, even if the court may order child support in a greater amount than the percentage guidelines. That being said, if you are paying more child support than the guidelines above, visit with an attorney to discuss how you can get your child support reduced.

Additional Factors Considered

Despite the fact that Texas courts tend to follow the aforementioned guidelines very closely, there are circumstances that may warrant a court doing outside the guideline. For example, if one parent is moving far away, if your child has special needs, or if visitation is not following the current order, courts may consider this when determining your child support agreement. No matter your situation, you should ensure that you hire a knowledgeable attorney who can fight for the best interests of your child.

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Contact a Montgomery County Child Support Lawyer

There is nothing more important than being able to provide and care for your child. If you require child support payments in Texas, you need a lawyer who truly cares about you and your family. Contact the Bolton Law Firm, PC today to schedule your initial consultation.

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