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Montgomery County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Behaving violently towards a family member or romantic partner is abhorrent, and if you are a victim of domestic violence, you can depend on a compassionate Montgomery County domestic violence lawyer here at the Bolton Law Firm to get you to safety. Continue reading and contact us so we can provide you with the competent legal representation you need during this difficult time.

Montgomery County Domestic Violence Lawyer | Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence

Nothing is worse than feeling threatened in your own home, though this is an unfortunate reality for people all over the country. Our Montgomery County domestic violence lawyer is here to help you and your family in any way we can.

What Qualifies as Domestic Violence in Texas?

Domestic violence occurs when an individual commits an act of violence (stalking, physical/sexual abuse, threats, etc.) against someone with whom they have a domestic relationship. This can include an act of violence against another family member, someone living in the same household, or against someone with whom an individual either currently or previously was romantically involved with.

How to Get a Protective Order in Texas

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you should seek help immediately. To start, if you believe that you are in immediate danger or you were just attacked, you should call the police. They will respond to the call, get you to safety, and will most likely bring your case in front of a judge, who can grant you a temporary protective order, formally known as a “Temporary Ex Parte Protective Order.” Essentially, the temporary protective order can help ensure that the abuser cannot contact you, threaten you, or hurt you, your children, pets, or any other individual who may be at risk.

Once you receive a temporary protective order, you will have to attend a hearing shortly thereafter (usually a matter of days), where you will have to prove your case and that the temporary protective order should be made permanent. Our firm can work to uncover all of the evidence needed to prove your case, including pictures, videos, text messages, and any other evidence that proves you and your loved ones (if applicable) require protection from the abusive individual.

How Domestic Violence Can Affect a Divorce or Family Law Agreement

If you were married to, or have children with an abusive individual, proving that he or she committed an act of domestic violence can drastically affect any divorce or family law agreement you may have. For example, proving domestic violence will most likely award you sole custody of your child. Additionally, since judges will divide marital property based on what they consider to be a “just and right” division, if you cite cruelty or conviction of a felony as your grounds for divorce, it may sway the judge’s opinion of what a “just and right” division of assets means for your particular situation. Finally, among other divorce/family law terms, proving domestic violence may also award you spousal support, or alimony payments after your divorce concludes.

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Contact a Montgomery County Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you are a victim of domestic violence, the time to act is now, and our firm is here to help. Contact the Bolton Law Firm today to tell us your story and so we can begin working to get you to safety as soon as possible.

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