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Montgomery County High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

When couples get divorced, they have a lot to worry about, especially if they are high net individuals. If you find yourself in this situation, you should strongly consider speaking with an experienced Montgomery County high net worth divorce lawyer here at the Bolton Law Firm, PC. Contact us today to learn more about how we can effectively guide you through every step of the legal process ahead.

How Do I Know if I Need a Montgomery County High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer?

All divorces are difficult, but each situation is unique. If you and your spouse acquired significant assets during your marriage, or if you came into your marriage already possessing significant wealth, then you need a law firm capable of preserving that wealth in your divorce. At the Bolton Law Firm, PC, we focus our practice on high net worth divorce cases and our attorneys bring decades of experience to protecting our clients’ interests in divorce.

What’s At Stake in a High Net Worth Divorce?

For high asset and high-income couples, getting divorced can involve a lot of risk. Couples that have established substantial holdings through investments, business ventures, and high-paying occupations can easily have millions at stake in their divorce, and it is critical that you protect your financial interests by retaining an experienced attorney.

In many cases, one or both spouses will have come into the marriage with substantial wealth. As a general rule, any assets brought into the marriage (as opposed to being acquired during the marriage) will not be subject to distribution in divorce. However, proving that certain assets qualify as “separate property” can be complex. There are circumstances in which the community estate acquires significant interests in assets owned prior to the marriage.

That being said, any property that is considered marital property will be subject to equitable distribution. You should note that “equitable” is not synonymous with “equal,” and oftentimes, one spouse will receive a greater amount of marital assets than the other spouse. For this very reason, especially if you are a high net individual, it is critical that you hire an experienced Montgomery County high net worth divorce lawyer who can fight for what is rightfully yours. Fortunately, you have just found that attorney here at The Bolton Law Firm, PC.

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Contact a Montgomery County High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

When it comes to a high net worth divorce, there are various critical legal considerations, which is why it is so important that your legal team is headed by an attorney experienced with high asset cases. Our firm strives to preserve your wealth and protect your assets in your divorce. Contact the Bolton Law Firm, PC today to schedule your initial consultation.

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