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Montgomery County Post-Judgment Enforcement Lawyer

If your former spouse is neglecting to follow your divorce agreement, it may be best to simply speak with him or her directly first, however, if your former spouse still refuses to comply or you are not on speaking terms, you should reach out to a knowledgeable Montgomery County post-judgment enforcement lawyer. These situations happen far more often than you may think, and our firm has significant experience handling them. Contact the Bolton Law Firm, P.C. today to learn more about how we will work to ensure your divorce agreement is enforced.

Do I Need a Montgomery County Post-Judgment Enforcement Lawyer?

There are a variety of circumstances that may call for the intervention of a post-judgment enforcement lawyer. Some of the most commonly violated divorce terms are as follows:

  • Child Custody: If your former spouse is refusing to abide by your custody agreement (such as failing to return your children on time), our firm can work with the courts to remedy the issue.
  • Child Support/Alimony: Oftentimes, people will either fall behind on child support or alimony payments or flat-out refuse to make them. This is a violation of the law, and doing so can land an individual in hot water. Our firm’s job is to ensure your former spouse continues to provide you the support you and your child need.

Filing a Motion for Enforcement in Texas

Generally, the first step is filing a Motion for Enforcement. In this Motion, our firm will simply detail the exact violation that your former spouse has committed. This can involve a child custody issue, a child support issue, or an alimony issue. In many cases, especially when considering child support, the court will order your former spouse to make these payments, and if he or she still fails to comply, the court can impose a wide array of penalties, such as wage garnishments. If the individual continues to violate court orders, we may file a Motion for Contempt.

Filing a Motion for Contempt in Texas

When you file a Motion for Contempt, you are seeking to hold your former spouse “in contempt” of court, meaning that he or she has essentially ignoring or disobeying the court order. Each violation of a court order is considered another count of contempt. If your former spouse failed to pay both child support and alimony, we will list both of these counts of contempt. Both you and the individual will have to attend a hearing shortly thereafter. At the hearing, our firm will have to prove that the individual is truly in contempt of court. In certain cases, especially those involving child support, if found guilty, your former spouse may even face jail time.

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Contact a Montgomery County Post-Judgment Enforcement Lawyer

Divorce agreements must be followed. When they are not, people can encounter various hardships as a result. Our firm is here to help enforce your divorce agreement. Contact the Bolton Law Firm, PC today so we can get started at once.

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