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With Principal Office in The Woodlands and another in Tomball, Bolton Law is conveniently located to meet your legal needs.

Ruby Bolton is a certified family law specialist. and is licensed in all practice areas by the State and Federal Government.

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It happens every two years

The 2019 Texas Legislative session has come to an end. In Family Law, the big news is what didn't pass. A lot of poorly written or ill-conceived bills did not become laws.

However, there were some positive developments in wills and trusts. I write a lot of wills, and I encourage people to name several alternate executors in case the person that they choose as executor is not available. This is an area that people sometimes struggle with, particularly if their spouse is inheriting, but does not like to manage money, or is in poor health and simply not up to that task at a time of personal grief. We can now add a provision to the will that states, for instance that the spouse is appointed as executor, but may appoint a person of his or her choosing to act as executor instead.

The executor can now also access records related to non-probate assets. This occurs more often than you would think. Previously, a life insurance company was not required to release to an executor the amount of the life insurance, or the identity of the beneficiary. A more common issue is financial accounts which pass to someone else by right of survivor. There are frequently legitimate questions about funds transferred into and out of joint accounts while the decedent was in poor health and not managing their own affairs. Executors will now benefit from the ability to easily obtain information about these accounts.