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How to Land on Your Feet After Divorce Webinar

Facing Divorce After a Long-Term Marriage?

SHHH! There may be a less expensive way to get divorced.

DON'T Try Doing Your Own Divorce Based on Google

Do I need to get a guardianship for my parents?

Does Wanting a Prenup Mean You're not Really In Love?

What the number 1 myth people in Texas believe about a divorce?

Welcome to my channel!

Don't talk to CPS until AFTER you talk with an attorney.

Why I love being a divorce attorney.

Should You Agree to a 50/50 Custody Split

3 Reasons You Need a Will- Even if You're Young and Poor

3 Reasons You Might Lose Custody

Does Having an Affair Mean You Lose Your Kids?

Hiring an Attorney and Board Certification

Inheritance in Divorce- Can You Keep It?

Child Support and Covid

Summer Visitation- Act NOW

Can I Get Divorced During Coronavirus?

3 Reasons to File During Coronavirus

How a Divorce Ends

What Happens to the Debt in a Divorce

Do you have a loved one considering divorce?

Divorce Mediation--What to expect

How to Complete a Contested Divorce Faster

Child Support Changes during Covid-19

Child Visitation orders Under Covid 19

What happens if you die without a will in Texas?

How to Make a Text Messages Exhibit

Can I get a passport for my child without the other parent's signature?

Who keeps the house in a Texas Divorce?

Did you get married before that prenup got signed?

Do I have to send a suitcase with my child when he goes to visit with his dad?

What does it take for a man to get custody in Texas?

Who provides a child's health insurance in Texas?

What is child support in Texas if the payor earns over 150k?

The other parent moved with my child. What can I do about it?

Who gets the child for Easter in Texas?

What is child support in Texas if the payor earns under 150k?

Can I spank my child in Texas?

What happens when one parent doesn’t want a child immunized in Texas?

Can I get an annulment in the state of Texas

Can I move away from the other parent in Texas?

Which parent decides if a child takes ADD medication in Texas

Can I see my child on their birthday in Texas?

Can I adopt my step child in Texas?

If you live together in Texas, do you have a common law marriage?

Is a Prenup enforceable in Texas?

What does it mean to have "custody" of a child in Texas?

What rights do you have when your child lives with the other parent?

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