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With Principal Office in The Woodlands and another in Tomball, Bolton Law is conveniently located to meet your legal needs.

Ruby Bolton is a certified family law specialist. and is licensed in all practice areas by the State and Federal Government.

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Your friendly neighborhood divorce attorney.

In practice since 1994, Ruby Bolton will provide outstanding legal advice for all your legal needs

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Covid-19 Updates


Even though our office locations are temporarily closed, we are available for telephone and/or video conferencing.  So, if you need a family law attorney, help with a probate, or to update your will, give us a call.

We can arrange a virtual consultation between our attorney and you; call (281) 351-7897 for an appointment.

The Bolton Law Firm is committed to excellent legal representation even in the midst of the on-going situation. We are taking steps to ensure your matter is getting the attention it needs within the scope of the continually changing restrictions imposed by the state and local courts. 

Should you have questions about your matter or a court action, please call us at (281) 351-7897.

Covid=19 Information

Below are some links to the most current information as it applies to your matter:

Supreme Court of Texas

Harris County Courts

Montgomery County Courts

Fort Bend County Courts

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About Us


Your family is your top priority, and it should be the top priority for your attorney as well. Such dramatic changes in your life as a divorce or custody dispute are bound to take a toll on you and your loved ones financially and emotionally, and having an experienced Woodlandsfamily law attorney to help you through can make a difference.

At Bolton Law, we focus on helping Texas families make decisions and take action in the issues that matter most to them. While from the outside, divorce seems like a very stressful situation full of arguments and anger, we prefer to frame it as an opportunity to get a fresh start. Many times actually filing a divorce you have been dreading for a long time can bring an enormous sense of relief. We can help you attain closure and a feeling of confidence that you are exiting your marriage with what you need to plan for your future life.

We work hard to make the transition for your family as stress-free as possible while helping you retain control of the decision-making, often using mediation as a form of dispute resolution.

These dramatic changes for your family are also likely to change decisions you would make regarding wills and probate law. Your family is not completely protected if you have not updated your will, and this is an area of law that we can also help you with. We can draft and modify wills and take action in probate law with confidence.

Contact the Bolton Law Firm, PC today. For an in-depth consultation of your case with a lawyer who will guide you through the divorce process with confidence, contact our law firm today. You can reach our Woodlands or Tomball office at 281-351-7897. We welcome your call.