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With Principal Office in The Woodlands and another in Tomball, Bolton Law is conveniently located to meet your legal needs.

Ruby Bolton is a certified family law specialist. and is licensed in all practice areas by the State and Federal Government.

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Custody & Visitation

   You do have options

If you feel that having custody of your children is in their best interest, it is vitally important to get right the first time - no matter if you are a mother or father. And if you are not sure if you are on the same page as your spouse when it comes to custody and visitation, lawyer Ruby Bolton can help you thoroughly investigate all your options before a decision is made. Bolton Law in The Woodlands, Texas, is committed to exploring all the possible options with you when it comes to protecting your child. Ruby Bolton knows that emotions can run high when it comes to making decisions regarding child visitation in the midst of a divorce.

The staff at Bolton Law pledges to help you sort through your emotions and decide what issues are most important for your family. Our firm's philosophy in regard to custody and visitation issues is simple: You should not agree to something that you are not completely comfortable with. We're here to help our clients sort through visitation schedules and other factors that go along with negotiations about child custody.

If you already have a custody agreement and realize the arrangement is not in the best interest of your child, Bolton Law in Tomball has the experience to sort out this complicated issue. Sitting down and talking with an attorney might take time, but it is worth it. We can explore all the evidence, bring it to the court's attention and help everyone come to an understanding.


Even if your divorce is final, and you have arrived at a favorable agreement with your spouse, those agreements may need to be modified down the line. The job you have, where you live, who you are married to, the number of children you have, health care considerations, your income level and many other factors may change over the years. These changes may bring about changes in your divorce agreements, especially those involving child custody matters. Bolton Law works as a family law and child custody modification firm. Not only are we able to help our clients navigate the difficult divorce process, we also can help individuals who are divorced make modifications to or enforce agreements post-divorce.

Unfortunately, no matter how structurally sound your legal agreements are, unexpected things come about in life that can cause disruption. In order to accommodate the changing needs of your family, you may need to make changes to the agreements you initially had in place, for example, those related to:


Parental remarriage and blended families

Medical conditions that affect the ability of the parent to care for the child

The parent's ability to provide for basic needs of a child

The parent's criminal behaviors or any criminal convictions

Changes in the parent's residence and/or the ability for a parent to reasonably have visitation time with the child

Beyond the act of changing an agreement, post-divorce custody matters may also need to be enforced. This means that one party in a custody agreement has not been upholding the terms of that agreement (e.g., not adhering to visitation time, not allowing for communication between parent and child, etc.). Whether modifying an existing agreement, or making sure that your spouse upholds the terms of an agreement, it is crucial to have an attorney help you navigate the complex legal issues.